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Wedding Sip Blitz

Yes indeedy, it's Wedding Sip Blitz day here on LJ. Here's a short snippet from my contribution to the blitz, Wiseguys: To Have and To Hold.

That's right, wiseguys Tony and Carter are back with that all important question:

It had taken Tony a long time to come around to the fact that he was gay. He didn't lust after anyone else -- he'd only ever wanted Carter -- but he wasn't comfortable calling himself gay either. That didn't mean he wasn't aware of the possibilities the Court decision in California opened up for people like the two of them. He'd seen pictures of the elderly lesbian couple who'd finally be able to marry after decades together. He and Carter had lived briefly in Los Angeles, but it had never felt like home. If they were still there now, they could be married too.

"You ever think about it?" Tony asked. "Us getting married?"

Carter took the soap and a cloth from the side of the tub and started washing Tony's shoulders.

"Nah," Carter said.

Tony turned around enough to look at Carter's face. "How come?"

Not that he'd thought that much about it either before today. If he'd still been with the family in Jersey, sooner or later he'd be expected to marry some nice neighborhood girl and give her kids. Once he'd started fucking Carter, marriage had been the last thing on Tony's mind. But Carter had said no pretty quickly, and Tony found himself irrationally disappointed.

Carter rinsed off Tony's shoulders and started soaping up his chest. "The way I see it, I got your back and you got mine. We're in this for the long haul, always have been, always will be. I don't need to stand up before some preacher to make it official."

"So we're already married."


Carter's big hands were doing wonderful things to Tony's chest. Toying with his nipples, swirling the soap in lazy circles over his skin. Carter dipped his head enough to place a soft kiss on the back of Tony's neck.

"Why? You want a ring or something?" Carter asked. "'Cause I can probably do that. I'm sure Norman knows a guy who could fix me up with something nice."

Tony laughed. God, that sounded like the old days.

The entire story will be available on Saturday, September 13th.

Have fun reading all the snippets posted here today. I know I am!
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