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Staytape- extract

Okay, so the Torquere Press site has an extract up from the start of Staytape, which I hope introduced the characters and the place a bit. I'm going to give you a second snippet here, from further into the story.

We're cutting in in the middle of the scene, so for context, it's late at night, and Dirk's been woken up by Kit rummaging around in the other room of their flat.


Dirk grabbed Kit's forearm and held him still.

"I'm awake now, and you're home, so -- where are you going so fast?"

"Um -- nowhere." Kit subsided, and this time the kiss was a little deeper, a little hotter, a touch of tongue to Dirk's lips, Kit's fingertips tightening on his side. And yet…

"Okay, Kit, what are you trying to get away with?"

"Dirk!" Kit shoved Dirk's shoulder, and Dirk smiled, catching Kit's arm. He'd been right. Kit was tying to hide something.

"Uh-uh." Dirk manipulated Kit's arm so he could kiss Kit's fingers, biting down gently on the web between thumb and fingers, before looking up at Kit with big, wide, innocent eyes and blowing cool air over Kit's hand. Kit wasn't the only one who could play a role. "No nookie till you 'fess up. What were you looking for?"

"Has anyone ever told you have a suspicious mind?"

"Frequently, but that doesn't answer my question."

"You're like a pit bull sometimes."

Dirk bit down again, sucking hard on the skin, butterflying his tongue against it, and Kit squirmed satisfactorily.

"God, Dirk!"

Dirk did it again.

"Fine, fine, you cock-tease. I was looking for your corset. The brocade one."

Dirk moved Kit's hand and licked a slow stroke from the inner wrist over the palm to the middle finger, which made Kit gasp. God, Kit was easy sometimes.

"Okay," Dirk said slowly. "Why?" Then he closed his mouth around Kit's finger and sucked, teasing with his tongue.


Dirk smiled around Kit's finger and stopped moving his mouth.

"Because… shit." Kit shivered theatrically, and Dirk flicked his tongue, just once, against the inside of Kit's knuckle. "Okay, Dirk? You can get me to talk or you can do that. Not both."

Kit was smiling too, until Dirk drew his mouth off Kit's finger with a flourish.

"I was hoping you'd pick the other one," Kit complained.

"But I want to know why."

Kit shook his head. "Because, you irritating fuck, I've been thinking all evening about fucking you while you were wearing it. Only now, I'm thinking about you sucking my fingers, and it's making it kind of hard to concentrate."

"Good answer." Dirk smiled, and lowered his mouth again, and this time, he managed to get his other hand out from under the covers to push and palm against Kit's jeans in time with his boyfriend's heavy breathing.


(and if you want to know what happens next, you're going to have to read the whole thing. Why, yes, I am a mean and evil tease. I have a t-shirt that tells people so, and everything ;p)
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