Angela Benedetti (angelabenedetti) wrote in torquere_social,
Angela Benedetti

Good Morning!

It's been a while since I last drove the bus here, but I'm back! There are drinks in the fridge, and cookies on the counter, along with a platter of candied bacon -- Cal made me a big batch just for today. :) The recipe is just a few posts back; thanks to Kristi for posting it!

When I started out to write the novel-length sequel to A Hidden Magic, I had no idea how long it was going to be. I started it fairly soon after I turned in HM, which was late in 2009, and I figured I'd have it done by the end of 2010.

Yeah. Paul's in the corner cracking up. He's a writer too, and loves to make fun of me about this stuff. :/

After a few speed bumps, and one spot where I had to rip out four chapters and try it again down another path, I finally got it done and submitted on 30 March of this year. It's about 114K words long, half again as long as HM. Hey, after the short stories about these guys, a number of people said they really wanted something longer. Well, tah-dah! :D

As usual, I'm going to be collecting names of commenters all day long, and drawing one name to get a $10 Torquere gift certificate. You get one slip in the drawing for each post of mine you comment on here today, extending "today" up through noon Pacific time tomorrow so the folks in other time zones have a good chance.

Emerging Magic is up at the Torquere site, of course, and also at Amazon, ARe, and Rainbow eBooks. Hey, Rainbow has it on sale right now -- it's their second anniversary and they're offering all their gay titles for 30% off. That's a great deal for release week.

Back in a bit!

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