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H. J. Raine

Proposal Part 2

I do love how shared dreams grow, and it was dreamy to listen and envision and wonder exactly how it went...

Another 500 words:

Stunned by the one-two punch of Clark's words and offerings, Daniel gaped. The dead silence made Daniel suspect that he held more than just Clark in suspense, so he moved deliberately. Turning one hand to hold Clark's, Daniel used the other to caress the blue links about Clark's throat. He briefly pressed against Clark's pulse, and it tripped at a pace to rival Daniel's heart. Daniel slipped his hand within the loop and gave a twist to pull it taut and bring Clark closer.

"My love," Daniel whispered when his voice failed him. "My ever-vigilant Sergeant." Daniel found stability in the joy growing in Clark's widened eyes, and Daniel raised his voice to carry. "Yes, Clark. I will."

Applause burst from everywhere, and Daniel turned to find people walking out of all the tiny rooms. He brushed a kiss against Clark's lips, cheek, and ear so he could whisper into Clark's ear, "I will keep and hold you as you keep and hold my heart, for so long as we both live."

Clark gasped, and a small fist punched Daniel's shoulder.

"Good thing you said, yes, Danny, or I'd've kicked your butt."

Daniel let go of Clark's throat, but not his hand, and met the fierce, tear-laden gaze of Mary Innes. Behind her were Conner Adams and his wife, Daniel's Uncle Martin and Aunt Penny, and Daniel's step-siblings: Maddi, Alex, and Ricky. Daniel's students hung back, eyeing the dozens of the NAPD's finest.

Lucian Gray swept them all aside, and Daniel helped Clark to his feet. Plucking the ring from Clark's fingers, Daniel slid it on. It fit perfectly. Tim Akkard was shaking Clark's hand, while Chance and Ryuu hung back with smirks on their faces. Galen Fang, from the Green Dojo, slapped Clark's back and grabbed him in a bear hug while Jin smiled. Ken stood just inside a room, but Jeffrey cruised the crowd.

"He finally did it," Heather groused. Clark's barmaid now sported fascinating chartreuse hair. "He was driving everyone insane for the last month getting this together."

"I can just imagine," Daniel said faintly. Studying the ring closely, Daniel found the circumference laden with tiny gems the clear blue of a tropical sea.

"I'm glad you said 'yes.'" Heather looked anywhere but at Daniel. "You're good for him."

"I'm glad I can be," Daniel said gravely.

As subtle as smoke, music threaded through the congratulations and laughter, and the band began to cover Bon Jovi's "Thank You For Loving Me."

Clark took Daniel's hand, pulling him onto the dance floor. Daniel followed his Sergeant's lead, and Clark mouthed the words:

I never knew I had a dream
Until that dream was you
When I look into your eyes
The sky's a different blue

They danced together, before all the people who loved them. When the dance ended, Daniel deliberately pulled Clark close.

"Now you're my world, too," Daniel whispered. When Clark glanced at Daniel's mouth, Daniel lunged for the kiss, and Clark met him halfway.


Thanks for sharing the dream, Kelly. -- Raine
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