Meredith Shayne (meredith_shayne) wrote in torquere_social,
Meredith Shayne

Competition details and tourist traps

Because I am having A Morning, which is undoubtedly going to turn into An Afternoon (diagnosis: needs more sleep), I forgot to say in my last post that everyone who comments on one of my posts today will go into a draw to win a copy of Rust Red: Galvanized once it's released.

So, as the blurb for Rust Red: Galvanized says, Adam and Chris spend some time in Surfers Paradise in Queensland. It's an incredibly popular tourist destination, and is notable also for Schoolie's Week, where thousands of school kids who have just finished high school descend on Surfers for a week of drunken debauchery before heading of to university, their first real job or unemployment. ;) I have been in Surfers during Schoolie's, after I was a Schoolie myself, and it's a special experience. Adam and Chris are there during Schoolie's too, and they find the idea of that just as off-putting as I do these days.

Surfers is also not for me because delicate, pasty-white flowers such as myself take exception to the hole in the ozone layer there, which means the sun burns through several layers of my skin in about 5 seconds. It's also a very gaudy place, which is fine, because hey, I love Las Vegas so I'm not throwing any stones. But that brings me to my question - there are tourist places we really hate, tourist places we secretly love, and tourist places we love openly and without shame (seriously, Vegas? LOVE IT. I admit that the yard-long daiquiri and Mardi Gras beads I obtained there might have had something to do with it, but regardless those memories are fond ones). What places fall into those categories for you?
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