February 18th, 2010


Introduction: Cecilia Tan playing host today

Good morning, all! I'll be playing host today which means we can all look forward to:

  • Some hot excerpts from my fiction
  • A contest or two as I give away copies of my new Torquere book Royal Treatment
  • Various discussions of topics such as BDSM, fantasy, and baseball (yes, pitchers and catchers report today, and no, that isn't as kinky as it sounds!)

I'm posting this at 3am Eastern time and then going to sleep, so expect me to rejoin you all about the time East coasters are having lunch... I'll be here the most between noon and midnight, posting contest winners before midnight.

If you'd like to stalk me in the meantime, check out my blog at http://blog.ceciliatan.com, mostly mirrored at ceciliatan. A brief bio of me...

I am the founder & editorial director of Circlet Press, which for 18 years has specialized in erotic science fiction and fantasy. I've published many books of my own writing with companies such as HarperCollins, Running Press, Thunder's Mouth, Carroll & Graf, and Blue Moon Books, and yes, most of them are erotic, some include science fiction and fantasy, and then there is the baseball nonfiction I've written and published as well. In recent years I've gotten into writing erotic romance, mostly paranormal, for Ravenous Romance and Torquere Press, hence, here I am!

I am a bi, poly, kinky switch whose gender dysphoria is made tolerable by my enthusiastic embrace of multiple personas of varying genders... many of whom end up in my books.

To get things going, and help me decide which excerpts to share with you all later, please reply to this introducing yourself and picking a kink. If you are comfortable saying why you picked it, please do:

  • Knifeplay
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Bondage
  • Flogging
  • Object Insertion
  • Other (your choice)

Hot Excerpt! From Chapter Two of Royal Treatment


This BDSM space opera came out from Torquere at the tail end of December in the Highball/BBA line. It's got lots and lots of BDSM, bisexuality, multiple partners... and as C.C. Bridges points out in theonline review of Royal Treatment, it's not a romance. (It's the prequel to a romance, actually, but more on that later.)

The excerpt is from Chapter Two, so I'm tossing you in partway through here. Arshan, our narrator, is the son of a man who was previously high-ranked in the government and close to the emperor, but around the time Arshan was born they had a falling out. Arshan still doesn't know what exactly happened between his father and the emperor, but he finds himself invited to join a group of young nobles who are to meet the emperor's daughter, the Princess Trella, who is auditioning a slave consort.

Collapse )

"How I Wrote..." Royal Treatment

And now some notes about how I wrote
Royal Treatment.

The story was brewing in my head for over a decade before it finally emerged, and what happened was I wrote backwards. 18 years ago I wrote Telepaths Don't Need Safewords (now in ebook form from Circlet Press), which was a short story about an established couple attending a BDSM party on some exotic, urban planet. I never name the planet in the story and I never explain how these two, Arshan and Mriah, get together or where their telepathic powers come from.

I had the explanations in my head, but they wouldn't fit in the story itself, so I just left the readers wondering about their background. Collapse )

Cecilia Tan's Question Box

I figured I'd start a general thread for folks to post me their questions on anything they like.

Erotica? BDSM? Publishing? Writing? Being an editor?

And also...

contemporary classical music?
martial arts?
healing arts?

(Btw, the tea I'm drinking today is Magnolia Oolong, the music I'm listening to is Last.fm Arvo Part at the moment, and my favorite team is the Yankees, though the Red Sox are a close second... and yes, I know how weird that is. Story of my life, y'know.)

Contest! Win a copy of Royal Treatment by Cecilia Tan

Win a copy of my latest Torquere release, ROYAL TREATMENT. It's a BDSM space opera novella. To enter to win, it's a small scavenger hunt. Email me the correct answers to these five trivia questions, the answers which can be found online, and be entered to win! I'll pick up to five winners depending on how many entrants I get, so everyone has a good shot at winning!

To enter, you must email me directly (do NOT post answers here!) with the subject line LIVEJOURNAL CONTEST ENTRY and email to my Gmail address at ctan.writer AT gmail dot com. Emails must be received by 11:59 pm eastern US time TONIGHT. I'll post the winner here when I sign off my chat later tonight!

The five questions:
1. What's the name of the princess in Royal Treatment?
(Hint: it's mentioned in the online sample: http://www.torquerepress.com/fiction/royaltreatment.html)
2. What are the names of the two main characters in my gay male erotic fantasy serial, The Prince's Boy? (Hint: It runs weekly on circlet.com)
3. Which real life college is the site of my Magic University erotic romances?
4. According to my Facebook fan page, what is the word of the day?
5. What is it that Telepaths Don't Need, according to my book titles?

Have fun!