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Greetings from Rainy Los Angeles

I'm Jay Lygon, and I'll be your host this morning.

My novella Unbound: Bonded II was released today.

Fionn has waited six hundred years for revenge against Brandr, the vampire who turned him. The first part of his plot goes so well. He kidnaps Kyle, Jamie and Henry from Brandr’s house. That’s all that goes according to plan, though. Usually, the kidnapper makes demands, but this time it’s the hostages who do, and they plan to make Fionn’s life hell until they get what they want. After a couple nights of suffering at their hands, Fionn begins to worry that Brandr won’t take the boys back.

Revenge – it seemed like such a good idea at the time…

While Unbound sort of stands alone, I suggest that you read The Quality of Mercy, Twice Blest, and Bonded first.

I'll post a snip later, but for now, a little quiz. I'll total your answers and tell you which Bonded Vampire you are.

1. What type of vampire are you?

A) Reclusive

B) Not a vamp

C) Sexy

D) Evil

E) Moody

F) Love it!


2. What book did you read last?

A) Art of War

B) Holistic Healing

C) World of Warcraft cheat codes

D) The Crimson Countess

E) Surfer magazine

F) Started a vampire novel but have no idea where it is


3. Something you always have with you:

A) Cell phone

B) Condoms

C) Eyeliner

D) Binoculars

E) Wet wipes

F) Laptop


4. Where I hang out

A) Crappy job

B) Beach

C) Griffith Park

D) Dance clubs in West Hollywood

E) Hollywood Boulevard

F) Home


 5. Vampire skill that exists only in legend that I wish were real:

A) Ability to put other vampires under the thrall

B) I'm not into any of it

C) Fly

D) Wealth

F) Turn into a wolf or mist

G) I'm happy with the vampire skills I have.

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