JB McDonald (jennabreen) wrote in torquere_social,
JB McDonald

Well, I've had an eventful morning. If you can believe it, I forgot I had a physical therapy appointment (to fix a shoulder injury), remembered half an hour before the appointment, and managed to get dressed and get there on time! I just got home about twenty minutes ago, enough to time to make myself some tea and go through the responses to my last post.

Awesome stuff! I'll need to go through it in more detail before I write my article, but mood definitely seems to affect most of us, though in drastically different ways. Some people can even write in a bad mood; how's that for miraculous! ;) (I can write in a bad mood... it's just that my characters all end up being tortured! Ha!)

There was something else I realized about myself today. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (it's been a long week -- I think I mentioned that -- and I've gotten just a little sleep), and stayed there right until my PT meeting. Once I'd been out and about, though, I perked right up! I was even able to sit and write in the PT, while my shoulder had a heating pad and later while it was being iced. I generally can't write when everyone around me is busy, so that was a really good sign for my abilities today!

But I realized that, really, it was the getting OUT that did it for me. This isn't always true; sometimes I roll out of bed and write right away. But occasionally, when I haven't had enough sleep, the trick is really to get outside. Run an errand, go buy coffee, go jogging -- it doesn't seem to matter, it's just getting up. Otherwise I stare at the walls all day, feeling morose and down with myself.

When you aren't in a mood to write, what improves it for you? What tricks have you leaned? :D


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