tc_blue (tc_blue) wrote in torquere_social,

Contest #2

That's right, it's another contest! This time, the prize will be anything from my backlist except this new story, Margarita Mondays. :P Cuz I'm just mean like that.

It's not a terribly difficult contest and will remain open until midnight tomorrow (Friday becoming Saturday, again), EST.

I'm planting a picture in this post and what I want from you guys is a caption for the pic, left in comments. The most amusing or just plain wrong (in the ewww, but God that's funny way) caption, as judged by me and my next door neighbor, Peter, will win. *grins*

Easy enough, right? :P

So, here's the picture:

Have at it. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. *grins*

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