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I like that subject line. *admires*

This is a time of year when we're looking for a lot of short fiction. We've got the Charity Sip Blitz, the Halloween Sip Blitz, and the Holiday Shot Extravaganza, all of which will be open for submissions for most of the summer. And we're already getting interest from reviewers who want to put these collections on their calendars. Torquere Blitzes are on the map!

I encourage new authors to try stories for these themed collections. A given theme can make it easier to build a story, and the Blitz release format is, as noted, attractive to reviewers, which gives Blitz stories a better chance for publicity than stand-alone short fiction. If you've ever thought about trying your hand at a story, Blitzes are a good place to start.

Once again this year, Torquere Press authors have voted on a non-profit organization to support with a collection of short fiction. These stories will be released individually and also as a package, with all royalties donated this year to Doctors Without Borders. Torquere Press matches this donation 100%, and our last two Blitzes have raised over $3,000 each for the beneficiary.

Healing Hearts
We're looking for m/m stories with a medical, healing twist--and an international flavor is encouraged! All heat levels are welcome, and happy endings are strongly preferred. Manuscripts should be original works of 3,000 to 8,000 words; no reprints, please. Authors will sign a one-year agreement to donate all royalties to Doctors Without Borders, with the understanding that Torquere Press will match all donations 100%. Deadline for submission is July 15, 2010. Please submit your story, along with a synopsis, your contact information, and author biography, to with Charity Sip in the subject line.


When I first posted this call, I was asked whether f/f stories will be considered. The answer is, yes, we will consider them. We typically do publish a couple f/f stories as part of the Charity Blitz.

I was also asked whether the definition of "medical" is limited to so-called "Western" medicine--that is, American Medical Association-recognized physicians. Definitely not. Alternative medicine is medicine, and stories featuring alternative medical traditions are welcome.


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