Lee Benoit (leebenoit) wrote in torquere_social,
Lee Benoit

Kwaherini, my friends

I'm going to have to say good night soon, but keep your comments coming and I'll reply tomorrow. Comments made before 10:00 am EST go into a random draw for a PDF of ASKARI; most frequent commenter wins a second copy.

I thought I'd leave you with a bit of a happy ending.  Of course Noble and Harry's story ends well, after many trials, and the epilogue is set in a little cottage at Diani Beach, on the Indian Ocean near Mombasa.

I've never claimed to be a photographer, so kindly forgive the quality of today's snaps -- they were taken with a pocket-sized 35mm film camera, no telephoto, no focus, very basic.

Anyway, here's the beach!

What's your favorite beach you've visited? What beach would you like to see some day?

Thanks to everyone who hung out today -- I've really enjoyed hearing everyone's travel tales!!

Lee xo

Pimpy PS - Find more information about my new Color Box, SMOKE: ASKARI, here.
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