Lee Benoit (leebenoit) wrote in torquere_social,
Lee Benoit

Askari begins

My new Color Box story, ASKARI, is set in Kenya in the 1980s. Things are very different there now, from what I understand.

As the story opens, young medical anthropologist Noble Corcoran has had to move from the cushy Central Nairobi YMCA to a much more downmarket hotel with his wildlife conservationist friend Stuart.

The West End Lodging, where I stayed in the same year, was the model for Noble's new digs, The Malaika.

Here's the YMCA:

And here's the more humble hotel:

What's the crappiest travellogding you've ever encountered?

Stay tuned for an excerpt from the beginning of the story, and don't forget that every comment on my posts today goes into a random draw for a free PDF of ASKARI (today's most frequent commenter wins a second copy!)! (Contest closes at 10 am EST tomorrow.)
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