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Hey all! Thanks for hanging out here with us today and tomorrow! Pirates deserve two days, don't you think? And if not, they'll probably just plunder them anyway. ;D

My contribution to the anthology is "Boarding Action," and it's about a college kid named Cam who pulls a prank along with some of his friends and has everything go pear-shaped. (Well, it wouldn't be any fun if it all went according to plan, right?) It's one of those things that sounds like it'll be a blast in the planning stage, but was obviously a crack-brained thing to do when Cam looks back on it later.

So for an entry in our raffle for a free copy of the anthology, share something you or a friend did while you were in your late teens or early twenties, something that sounded like a lot of fun in the planning stage but ended up going wrong. :D Everyone who posts a story (or more than one, if you had a particularly adventurous time!) gets an entry in the raffle.

I'll go first. :D

When I was in high school, either my junior or senior year, I forget, I was at a birthday slumber party with some friends and we'd planned to go TPing that night. I'd never been TPing but brought some toilet paper and looked forward to the experience. Suzette, the birthday girl, and all the other girls at the party had gone to a different junior high than I had; we were in a neighborhood I didn't know, so I let them decide whose house to do. They talked about various people they knew, and finally we ended up just wandering around and picking a house at random. I didn't really care, I just wanted to have fun with toilet paper. [cough]

Now, before we set out, we agreed that if we got caught, everyone should scatter and we'd meet back at Suzette's house. Made sense to me.

So we picked a likely looking house and got going. Of course there was whispering and giggling, and when we were almost done the front door opened and some guy came out. I dropped my toilet paper and took off running. The guy yelled, "Everyone stop, I have a gun!" I found out later that all the other girls stopped. Me, I ran faster. :D

I'd ended up going in some random direction and had no clue where I was. I ducked behind bushes and parked cars, running hunched over, for the first block or so with some idea that the guy might be after me. After I rounded a corner I kept to the sidewalk and just walked fast. I had all these thoughts racing through my head -- where was I? Would I be able to find my way back to Suzette's? Were the police looking for me? Was I going to get in trouble? I took off my bright orange sweat jacket, and thought about ditching it but just carried it because it was my favorite. I took out my pony-tail holders and sort of combed my hair with my fingers; it was long, and I thought long hair down looked a lot different from two pony tails at the sides. Of course, it didn't occur to me at the time that even if they did have cop cars prowling around the neighborhood at 2am, they were going to stop any teenage girl they saw, whether or not she fit the exact description of the dangerous felon [cough] they were looking for.

I knew I wanted to get to Santa Teresa Boulevard, a big, six-lane street that bounded the neighborhood on one of its two long sides; I could get anywhere from there. But of course, that stretch didn't have any direct outlets; the residential neighborhood was sequestered from the heavily trafficked street, with outlets a mile or so apart. So I'm trying to head north but can't, and ended up walking more and more east. Finally I got out on Cottle, a largish street perpendicular to Santa Teresa, and realized where I'd walked to. I was about a ten minute walk from home, or about a fifty minute walk back to Suzette's. [headdesk] I contemplated just going home, but my parents weren't expecting me, and besides it was the middle of the night. My mom had known we'd planned to go TPing, but I really didn't want to tell her about some guy yelling about a gun while explaining why I was home twelve hours early, so I decided to trek back to Suzette's.

Of course, once I got back into the right vicinity, there was the question of whether I could find the house. I'd never been there before -- I knew Suzette at school, but I didn't do a lot of hanging out at friends' houses when I was a teenager. I'd gone to her place that afternoon with another friend, who'd been navigating, and that'd been in the daytime. So I was poking around, squinting at house fronts in the darkness and thinking, Is this one it? Is that one it? I ended up blundering around in some stranger's backyard on my first pick, but luckily nobody heard me. The second try worked -- I found the right place and came up through the backyard to the sliding glass door and instantly had a clot of other girls hanging off me.

That's when I found out that they'd all stopped when the guy told them to. They'd all been caught, the guy had called the cops, and they (my friends and the cops) had all gone around poking the bushes looking for me, calling "Angela? Are you there? You won't get in trouble, come out Angela!" Dude, I was like a mile away by then, LOL! My friends also had to clean up the toilet paper without my help, which they didn't hold against me 'cause they're cool.

They'd gotten back to Suzette's a couple of hours before me and had been really worried. They knew I didn't know the neighborhood and were afraid I'd gotten lost. They'd decided that if I hadn't shown up by dawn they were going to call my parents. O_O Oh, man, I'm so glad it didn't come to that! Neither my mom nor my stepdad were morning people, and adding that into the whole "Angela's lost and in trouble and BTW the cops got involved" thing would probably have had me grounded till graduation.

As it was, though, I beat their deadline and it all worked out fine. I slept really well the next night, and never did go TPing again. :D

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