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This Journal is Now A Pirate Lair - Enter the PIRATE RAFFLE!

Morning all!

JB McDonald has left the ship - thanks for a fun day yesterday JB.

Hush, there were no sharp pointy things involved and the only plank was the gangplank. That's the one on the right. What? What do you mean it's the one on the left? Oh. Well. Um. Whatever.

Anyway, JB McDonald has handed over control!

For the next couple of days the theme is pirates. I will be sharing the helm with Angela Benedetti and PD Singer. So expect plenty of posts as the three of us tell you about the anthology of our stories now available at Torquere Press.

The basic info:
Taste Test : Walk The Plank
$2.49 (only $2.12 if you use the coupon code catsaway before midnight (EST) Sunday!)

More info Here

Buy it from Here

Arr! Pirates abound in the Walk the Plank Taste Test.
From Boarding Action by Angela Benedetti, where a prank pirate attack on a friend's yacht goes horribly wrong for Cam, at least until he gets matey with his high school crush Markus.
In Cannons and Honor, by P.D. Singer, Captain John Bull rules the seas, and he rules young Leigh Westman, who offers himself as a captive to save his sister's honor.
Finally, in Mara Ismine's Life on the Ocean Wave, ninja pirate ballet dancers rest after a successful raid, when Floats-like-a-butterfly shows Hits-like-a-falling mountain all about the pleasures of booty.

See what pirates get up to below decks in Walk the Plank!

And because there are three of us and three stories in the anthology we will be giving away three copies to three deserving people!

What do you have to do to be in with a chance of being one of those three lucky people?

After much discussion we came up with the dastardly plan of making you comment on any of our pirate posts here over the next couple of days. Yes, it is that difficult! Anyone who comments on any post with PIRATE RAFFLE in the subject gets their name in the hat - once per post! Comment on two posts - your name goes in twice. Comment on three posts - your name goes in three times. Notice a pattern? Once we close for business and have played rock-paper-scissors the loser victor will get to wear two eye patches at once and pick the three winners from the hat.

If you are one of the wondrous people who already have a copy - please let us know and we will worship you as you deserve!

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