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More Secret Writing

I also wrote out a rant that I was going to put on my secret, neglected blog. But I thought better of it, at least writing it down got most of it out of my head. Rants aren't really suitable for public viewing because they are rants and often contain things that'll set other people off - things accidental or deliberate. I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth and have been trying to employ that elusive filter between brain and mouth.

The rant was over a radio discussion show that I normally avoid and was to do with social media and the nanny-state, but having ranted to myself about that I was reminded of my own discovery of the internet as a means of finding like-minded people.

I have always read a lot and rarely had anyone around who shared my taste in books, so no one to talk about the latest novel or a newly-found author. When I discovered that there were book fan sites on the internet and people there who shared my love of particular series…

Wow! That feeling of being understood was just so fantastic. It was many years ago and I don't think there was much in the way of social media back then. It must be so much easier to find virtual soul mates now!

Do you have any fond memories of your early days on the net?

I am just pleased to be writing anything and enjoying the process.

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