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The Kiss

Simon sat and stared out across the water, not thinking of anything, just watching the restless sea. He was aware of Matt standing behind his right shoulder, but could not summon the energy to turn and question Matt's presence. Simon couldn't summon up the energy for much these days and he dreaded Matt losing patience and leaving him.

It was a shock when Matt's hands framed his face, turning him away from the sea and tilting up his lips to receive a kiss. For a moment Simon didn't respond, his mind sluggish and slow like the waves he'd been watching, and then in a rush he snapped back into the here and now. Matt's lips were faltering on the verge of withdrawing when Simon started to kiss him back. He felt a tremor of relief as Matt responded, deepening the kiss once more.

Simon reached up to frame Matt's face, mirroring Matt's hands on his cheeks. Matt's face was smooth and warm under his own cold fingers. Simon hadn't realised how cold he was until he felt Matt's heat sinking in. Matt's hands rasped against the scruff on Simon's jaw and Matt's lips were hot.

The kiss deepened even more and Simon wasn't aware of the little things as heat built within him. His focus was all on the man kissing him and the need that kiss was stoking. He slid one hand into the short hair at the back of Matt's neck pulling him even closer. Matt shivered and pulled back slightly.

"You looked like you were brooding," Matt said and both of them heard the unspoken 'again' that went with the statement. "And you're freezing," he added with another shudder. "Come inside?"

"Are you offering to warm me up?" Simon smiled and released Matt's face. "I wasn't brooding," he added, biting off the 'for once' that followed. "I was waiting for you to finish in the shower and bought my coffee out here…" He let his rueful words trail off as it was obvious that Matt had finished in the shower a long time ago and the half cup of coffee sitting on the table was grey, scummy and, equally obviously, cold. "I wasn't thinking about anything, just watching the ocean…" He let the words die away, there was no need to say that he had lost time as Matt could already see that.

"Come on." Matt held out a hand which Simon took. Matt pulled Simon from the chair and back into the cottage.

Simon grabbed the cold coffee and carried it into the kitchen. It was warm in the cottage and Simon realised how cold he was. He shivered as he set the cold coffee next to the sink.

"Go have a shower," Matt instructed, "Before you come down with hypothermia."

"Is a shower going to be enough to bring up my core temperature?" Simon tried to make his tone flirtatious as he was still hoping that Matt would answer the question about warming up.

"A shower will stop me getting frost bite when I touch you." Matt chuckled and pushed Simon towards the miniscule bathroom. "I'll see about your core temperature when you've showered."

Simon didn't argue, but he did take the time to shave the scruff off after his shower before he left the bathroom to find Matt.


It ends there! *evil laugh*
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