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It's been a busy month in a way. I've applied for 50 jobs - most of which sounded as interesting as my new wall-staring habit, although at least I'd be getting paid for it in any of them! But last week I had hope of one that actually sounded interesting. I didn't get it, but at least I know that there are still jobs that can spark something other than 'bleh' reactions. One of the other few that have provoked a 'hmm' rather than 'bleh' is the one I have an interview for on Monday. Yay!

At least I've been able to rest more and that has restored my dreams - I think I mentioned that last month and it has continued. Most of my stories come from my dreams rather than being consciously plotted - the dream plots have more oomph for some reason maybe because they come with emotions attached.

I'm a pantser and let my characters and, to a certain extent, plots reveal themselves as I write. This means that I find it difficult to write to publishers' calls - or to remain on-target when I try.

I have finished that ficlet I was hoping to post last month and I've finished another short wip that isn't for publication. I'll have another read through the ficlet and post it shortly.
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