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Looking Forward

The next Briar Rose book – Controlling Parker -- is coming out in February (the 19th). Adam and Matt are back with a new couple at their BDSM B&B.

Gaston and Parker have been trying to have Parker come on command without a touch to his cock and have been unsuccessful on their own. Gaston is hoping that a little bit of time away from everything and with a teaching dom/sub pair, they can accomplish their goal. And if not, they’re going to have fun trying!

Parker found himself standing, completely unsure of what to do.

"We have over an hour, more than enough time to unpack."

Gaston was going to make him ask.

He wasn't going to, though. Damn it.

He took the bags into the bedroom.

Gaston joined him, wandering around the room as he opened their cases and began to put their clothes into the dresser.

He put the empty suitcases in the closet, along with the one full of toys, before retreating to the bathroom. He washed his face, ran cold water on his wrists, let it cool him.

Gaston appeared in the mirror behind him, then his master's strong arms came around his waist.

"Hey." He held Gaston's gaze, leaned into the solid strength behind him.

"Hey." Gaston stared back at him through the mirror.

"Are you mad at me?"

He didn't want that. It had been so hard, to learn to submit, to learn all the fucking lessons Gaston taught, but he had tried.

Surprise flashed across Gaston's face. "Absolutely not."

"Oh, good." Then whatever the 'issue' was, he'd adapt.

Gaston's lips twitched. "You're not going to ask, are you?"

"Why on earth are we here? I mean, obviously the owners are our type of men, but… Why?"

"Because we've been trying for over a year to accomplish something together, and we've been failing. I think we can accomplish it here in this place with no distractions and a little advice."


His cheeks heated and he dropped Gaston's gaze, focusing on his hands still resting on the sink.

Gaston's grip tightened around his waist. "I like to think I'm infallible to you, but I am not and a good master knows when to ask for help."

"It's not you. You know it's my fault."

And now he'd made Gaston waste a vacation to fix him and the owners of this place knew he was a fuck up.

"I know no such thing." Gaston growled at him.

He'd tried to get off without touching his cock, he'd tried not jacking off. He hadn't been particularly successful at it, but he'd tried.

"If I knew the right technique, we'd have succeeded already. Matt and Adam will help us find that technique."

Matt and Adam probably thought he was a loser. God.

Gaston growled again, softly this time. "Boy."

That single word burned into him. "Sir?"

"Stop that."

"I didn't do anything." The bastard was good.

"No? You weren't putting yourself down?" Gaston's tone said he clearly didn't believe that.

"I…" Damn it. "Do you need to freshen up?"

"It takes two, Parker. Two to fail. Two to succeed. We are a partnership."

"I know. I know. I'm trying to be good."

"You *are* good."

A kiss was place on his cheek, Gaston's lips gentle, warm. "And I love you."

The words were so sure, so firm, that he had to look into Gaston's dark eyes. "I love you. I want to be everything you need."

"You already are."
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