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How cold is too cold?

Good Friday morning!

It's nice and sunny here, with a lovely blue sky, which in January means it's damn cold out there. It's been that cold where the Farenheit and Celcius scales begin to meet. -23C is the current high, with a wind chill factor of -30C (which is apparently -9F and -22F). Of course, this is actually beginning to be warmer than it was the rest of this week! We are in what we affectionately call the January Deep Freeze. This year, it happened to have started somewhere near the beginning of December is all.

Now, I much prefer the cold to the warm, but I know the golden rule is to dress for it and if you don't have to go out when it's below -20, then don't! Trust me, you'll enjoy the cold much more! But seriously, as soon as it begins to warm up, -15C is going to feel nice instead of super cold, and I appreciate that.

It does beg the question, though, doesn't it? How cold is too cold? I bet every single one of us has a different answer. What's yours?

Rig from the Jarheads would opine that any time he has to put on more than a heavy sweater, it's already too cold. Of course he has a pair of studly Marines to keep him warm!

I'm doing a contest today -- comment on any of my posts and I'll randomly draw a winner tomorrow afternoon so you have a chance to enter, no matter your time zone. I'll pull one commenter at random to win a $10 Torquere gift certificate!
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